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Baby Jumper – The Best Ways to Entertain a 6 to 9-Month-Old Baby

Completing 6 months of age for a baby is a very important milestone. Throughout this half-year of life, the baby has learned many things from the physical side. The baby is probably already able to sit more firmly – to the intellectual aspect. This intellectual aspect allows playing with more fun and distracting toys.

Baby Jumper

At this stage, the baby can already hold an object with each hand, find hidden toys and general activities. The general activities are daily activities that were not very interesting, such as bathing, become much more fun if we can find the right distractions. A rubber ducky that floats on the water can be something very fascinating for a baby 6 to 9 months old. The baby jumper can also develop your baby.


The Baby Jumper with  Motor Development

In addition to Motor Development – the development of a baby’s bones, muscles and ability to turn, move around and handle his or her environment. Physical development already allows the baby to use baby jumpers or jumperoo. A Baby jumper is a toy designed to strengthen the muscles of the legs and improve the balance of the little ones in preparation for the first steps. It may seem that your baby does not yet have enough strength. But you will find that baby jumper help in the right way so they can jump high.

According to the physiotherapist, “the evolution of the baby’s motor coordination with a baby jumper is accelerated because as he plays. He is strengthening his little legs and developing the balance needed to make his first steps.”

How can Baby Jumper help improve baby’s Motor Development?

For babies, physical activities help to exercise motor coordination. Physical activities are trying to stand with the help of a toy or mommy, pressing with their toes on the floor. When the baby stretches its legs, it has a technical name called “reflex walking”. And it is very important in helping the baby start training to crawl. For these activities, a baby jumper is essential for the development of your baby.

Six-month-old babies already know when they threw the toys or dropped something on the floor and look to see where it fell. They can start screaming when exciting things happen. And this is when they start liking “Where’s ???” Have you ever wondered how many new games this development allows?

So by six months, babies already need a space to play with toys that help them move, react, and entertain. As babies grow and toys get lost. Renting is the best way to get the right items for your baby’s age without spending a lot of money. You can rent a supporter to help your baby learn to walk. For example by paying less than half the purchase price, and not losing toys when this phase passes.


Benefits of Baby Jumperoo

The main benefits of jumperoo tactile, visual and auditory stimuli. The baby’s speech is also stimulated, as well as its cognitive, logical, motor, emotional and social development.

When should use Jumperoo?

You should use the jumperoo with a baby as young as six months old or when they can already sit still, supporting the trunk and head alone. The toy is not recommended for children who have learned to walk.

Baby Jumperoo – Is it safe?

You should observe whether baby jumperoo has the certificate by the responsible agencies. Baby jumperoo should have a fall arrest system, avoiding accidents on stairs, ramps and uneven floors.

The jumperoo’s seat is swiveling, allowing the baby to easily play with all the toys that surround him. There are also three adjustable heights.


Baby Walker VS Jumperoo

The use of the baby walker has been contraindicated by pediatricians not only in the USA but also in other countries. They claim that the object does not bring benefits to babies, on the contrary. Specialists rely primarily on the risks offered, such as falls – including head injuries, which can be fatal – burns, poisoning, drowning, etc. The baby walker would further delay the child’s psychomotor development, which would take longer to stand and take the first steps alone.


Children under one year old tend to get bored quickly, so it’s important that parents leave them just for a while on jumperoo. Rest is key. The exact time varies from child to child, this should be assessed by the responsible adult.

How to choose a baby jumper?

There are several makes and shapes of the baby jumper. Some must be fixed to the door frame, others are attached to their structure. Regardless of the model chosen, parents should observe certain characteristics:

  1. The base is firm and stable or if the fastener attached to the door frame is able to withstand the movements. It is worth doing some tests before placing the child.
  2. The structure of the baby jumper is well, with sturdy materials and tightly fitting parts. Pay attention to the resistance of springs and chains.
  3. The baby jumper has certification of any suitable organ in its country of origin, such as societies or academies of pediatrics, for example.


How to use a baby jumper?

  1. Not use Baby Jumper with children who have orthopedic problems, such as in the hip, for example. As the impact may accentuate the change.
  2. It is critical to expect the baby to be able to maintain trunk and neck control to allow play. It is also important to respect the age indication stipulated by the manufacturer on the packaging.
  3. A careful and detailed reading of the manual helps to avoid installation errors. Because installation errors can be dangerous.
  4. Parents need to buckle the seat well and find an intermediate position where the child’s knee is not overloaded during heels and at the same time can touch the sole of the floor. In fact, monitoring the posture and position of the feet is another indispensable recommendation.
  5. The child must stay in the baby jumper for a maximum of 20 minutes per day, always under adult supervision.
  6. If the baby has reflux, play should be concentrated at times when the stomach is empty, i.e. before meals.


As long as you take these precautions listed by the doctor, the baby jumper is a good choice, as it offers a new world of possibilities, providing stimuli and freedom of movement for a baby of this age.

Attention: Each child is unique, and develops in their own time, having their achievements at different times. On this Justtobaby blog, we write taking into consideration the most common cases (generally). If you have any questions about your child’s development, you should consult a specialist.

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