Best Baby Swings Top 10 Review & Guide in 2018

Are you a dotting parent of two? Are you looking for a companion your baby can spend the afternoon hours with? Are you someone who has too much of household chores but your baby doesn’t allow to do so? Then buying a baby swing is your only way of rescue. But just a baby swing is not the solution, buying one that has all the right features to offer and can be customized as per the need be is the solution to the problem. Not just problem but the best baby swings can make your baby feel their comfortable selves which are not always possible while he or she is in a cradle or on a bed.

Buying Guide Baby Swings

The idea behind buying a Baby Swing is not just limited to the fact that you need to be away from your baby for a while or you need to do some other chores. It is also concerned about the fact on how profoundly and peacefully your baby sleep without the need to be present there always, it is concerned about the fact that an infant too plays in the swing without the need to stand or jump which generally an infant cannot. With this thought in mind, a baby swing has to be comfortable and soft only then it can handle the delicacy of a child. 

When you are out for shopping a baby swing for your child, you will rarely find the best ones in the shops so we suggest search them online especially on Amazon, all the best Baby Swings from the trusted brands of baby products are stocked here. The most important factor to be checked in a baby swing is the soothing property. As every child is special, every child is unique so are the baby swings offering customizable features for the right combination of speed, volume and sound.

What is a Baby Swing?

A baby swing is just like an infant car seat that works with a motor engine; it is either operated by batteries or can be plugged in. It is more than just a cradle to soothe the baby in a motion which is either side to side or front to back. With the advancement of technology, there has been an advancement in the baby swings as well wherein it comes with speed options that range from high to low. You can choose the high one for playful sessions and low ones for the sleeping time. There are swings that have melodies installed in them that are soothing and some come with volume control too so that you choose how much of the volume is really soothing or gentle enough for a baby. It works as per the mood swings of a baby either in a gentle manner like a traditional cradle or in a rocking manner.

What to look for in a Baby Swing before buying it?

A baby swing has a different type of features and different functioning modes depending upon the range you choose either the basic or a fully loaded. Here are few things that need to be checked before you buy a Baby Swing for your child.

  • Battery or Plug-in: As mentioned earlier baby swings come in options like battery operated ones and plugin ones. You can either choose the battery ones if you are ready to buy a number of batteries for the cause or you can choose a plug-in option if your baby will be okay with the motor noise that can either be humming or irritating. There are baby swings that offer both the options and it depends entirely on the user in which mode they use and then there are some whose motors don’t make any noise.
  • Safety Harness: Baby Swings are trustworthy only when they have a harness system for the baby’s ultimate safety and security. Baby swings come in 3 point harness system or 5 point harness system, and also with a slip resistant feature so that your baby doesn’t slip away due to sweating. The 5 point harnesses are safer than the 3 point harness.
  • Sturdiness: A Baby Swing that has a sturdy frame which is low towards the ground is better because it doesn’t tip to one side when the baby’s entire weight falls on one side. The ones that are easy to disassemble and are foldable should be opted for so that you can carry it from one room to another and even to places like park or garden.
  • Comfort: The foremost thing a baby yearns for is a comfort because without comfort a baby is never going to look back at the swing ever. A non-comforting seat is not going to soothe a baby to sleep. So look for swings that have reclined positions in the seat and that has a head support too.
  • Speed & Motion: A baby swing which offers the users the option to choose in between the swing speeds is much suitable for use. The users then have an option to select a speed depending on the child’s mood or situation. The motion should be either sideways or front-back. There are swings that offer both the motion and there are some that have the option to provide circular motion feels. But the best is sideways ones and even the front back one.
  • Cleanliness: Choose a baby swing that provides the option to clean it without any hassle. The ones whose seat, toys and toy bar can be wiped clean. There are Baby Swings that have removable heads, car seat and car seat covers which are machine washable.

10 Best Baby Swings

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1. Graco Simple Sway Swing 

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing, Abbington, One Size

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Baby Gears or Baby Swings are like best buddies to your child because they let your child feel comfortable, good and happy even when you are not around them. When it comes to Baby Swings the size is what matters not just for the baby to adjust but also for the swing to adjust in even the smallest corner of your house. Another important aspect which needs to be checked is their move-ability so that you can carry it to whichever room you will be present in. 

Graco Simple Sway Swing

With Graco’s invention, baby swings now use the best of technology to help you with a best possible way out. Graco’s Simple Sway Swing provides an option to plug or use batteries wherein plugging them into a wall outlet comes out to be as best of value since it is going to save you money.

With the gentle swaying motion of this cool baby swing, you can expect your baby to sleep in peace and in relaxing mode. There are two vibration speed settings feature for the ultimate relaxation of your little ball of happiness, along with which there are 6 swinging speed as well for you to choose the pace at which you want your child to swing. Graco’s Simple Swing is more than a package of delight for both the parent as well as the baby. Most of the parents have found it to be adorable enough to be stored in the house as a prized possession and one won’t feel the need to restrict it to one room or corner if there will be a sudden guest visit.


  • This Baby Swing comes with 10 songs installed and 5 melodious sounds of the nature that are no less than a soothing tone to amuse your baby like he or she has been never before.
  • The Baby Swing has 5 point harness to seize your worries limited to your baby’s safety, as this feature is going to keep your baby secure.
  • This Baby Swing Seat is more than just comfortable; it is going to maintain coziness too as it has a deep plush seat along with an infant head support. The head support is removable.


  • The sound system is not as good as it should be because the melodies or tunes don’t come out to be crystal clear.
  • The head support is not reliable since most of the parents have found their baby’s head getting flopped to one side when the baby has been sleeping.

2. Graco DuetSoothe Swing Rocker

Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker, Winslet, One Size

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The moments one spend with their son or daughter are priceless moments and nothing can bring them back once over, they can be relived only through a few pictures only if the moments have been captured. Now, to live the moments in peace Graco’s DuetSoothe Swing Rocker have been the perfect choice for the parents. It is a multi-tasking product that is going to offer you an infant swing and a rocker.

With this swing at your place, you have the option to choose which swinging way to choose among the three seating positions whether it is sideways or front and back. The seating position is going to depend on your baby’s comfort zone and what makes him or her soothe to sleep or for them to relax. The rocker provides you with the feature to carry it to rooms with the help of the carry handle that is built-in. A customizable swing that lets the parent decide what to choose for their child and in whatever they choose the swing promises comfort in all respects to soothe a baby or make him or her feel relaxed.

 This Swing provides with an option to choose in between plug or batteries, whatever suits best to you. The vibration of this swing is gentle so that your baby feels nothing awful or irritating while he or she is trying to sleep or feel the peace.


  • There is a seat that is spacious enough to provide support to a baby’s body and provide him or her reclined room of comfort.
  • It provides six swing speeds for the parents to choose from depending on the baby’s mood and what he or she likes. The faster one can be chosen when it is playtime while the slower one can be chosen during the time of their sleep.
  • As safety and security of the baby are the first things a parent should look out for so this baby swing provides a 5 point harness feature.


  • The seat of this swing is not as comfortable as it should have been for a newborn as the head gets titled sideways, not a good thing for a new is born.
  • The melodies of this multi-tasking swing or roller are not suitable for a baby who would want to be soothed or amused.

3. Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle Swing 

Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle Swing

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Are you looking for a baby cradle or swing that would entertain as well as soothe your baby as the situation demands it to be? Basically, a swing that is multi-tasking and whose features can be combined together for the best of baby’s interest; then we have got a match. It is the Fisher Price Snugabunny Cradle Swing that lets you do that for the love of your child. Whether it is choosing a seat position or the swinging motion or it is the speed you can set the features as per the mood or likeability of your baby. 

It fits an infant comfortably well and with the right amount of support, all thanks to the overhead entertainment which can be later converted into a toddler rocker as your child grows up with time. The seat is made of deluxe soft fabrics making the speed deep for much-needed coziness and adorable bunny ears to make everything seem cute. The foldable option of the legs of the swing is going to help parents store this swing easily and makes it portable to be carried from one room to another and even to places.


  • This Baby Swing from the house of Graco comes with two swinging motions to soothe the baby to sleep, one is the sideways and another is the head to toe swing.
  • The swing has the feature of 6 different swing speeds for the parents to choose depending on the situation for which the swing has been put to use.
  • The seat is adjustable as it comes with 3 positions, one is the right facing, left facing and center facing. The seat cover is machine washable and has bunny ears for head support.
  • There are soft birdies hung overhead that fly when the swinging motion is functioning. If you are looking for an easy conversion from different swinging positions then there is a button to press and turn.


  • The working motors of this baby swing are way too loud and it may scare a baby. It is impossible to create a peaceful environment around for the baby to sleep.

4. Fisher Price Starlight Cradle and Swing 

Fisher Price Starlight Cradle and Swing

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The idea behind owning a swing for your baby dearest has so much to do with comfort, best features, and oh-so-sweet look. If you are not able to find a baby swing like this then you need to get it from Amazon, the Fisher-Price Starlight Cradle and Swing is exactly the baby product offering you criterions of need. A Baby Swing that qualifies two things at once, it is both a cradle and a swing. It has two swing motions which will let you choose whether your baby will be rocking side to side or swinging head to toe. 

This Baby Swing is having features that can be customized as per the need be owing to the SmartSwing Technology that the Fisher-Price Baby Swings have. It is very easy to swing from one swing motion to the other and one can do it just by pushing a button and then turning the seat. The Smart Swing Technology enables a smart feature wherein the swing will not slow down when your baby grows instead it senses the baby’s weight.

 For starting the swing there is no need to push it the first time, it will start automatically after you have pushed the button and turned the seat. With the Fisher-Price Starlight Baby Seat, your baby is going to enjoy a starry-light show which is projected on the airy canopy for the baby’s ultimate enjoyment and engagement so soothe him or her to sleep.


  • It comes with a motorized mobile that has 16 songs pre-installed on it that has melodies and sounds of nature which can be both amusing as well as soothing for your baby.
  • Apart from the overhead light show, the baby is going to enjoy playing or watching the three soft toys that come with the Fisher Price Baby Swing.
  • The seat of this baby swing promises nothing less than comfort because it is a deep cozy seat with 2 reclining positions and 5 point restraint for your baby’s safety.
  • The material with which the baby swing seat is made is deluxe fabrics, it has a soft head support. The swing seat can be easily washed as it is machine washable.
  • The two options of battery operation or plug-in operation allows a parent to choose whether they want battery cells for the swing to work or they can simply place the swing somewhere near a wall plug and save some money.


  • The customer service as stated by some customers have not been good since the motor doesn’t have a guarantee and it stops working after a few uses to which one cannot expect a response from the part of the company.

5. Fisher Price Smart Connect Cradle Swing 

Fisher Price Smart Connect Cradle Swing

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Whether you are in need of a cradle which swings side to side or in need of a rocker that swings head to toe, Fisher-Price will help you find both that too in one. Didn’t get it? We will explain how, Fisher-Price Smart Connect Cradle Swing smartly carries two features in one which is that of a rocker and a cradle, featuring two rocking and soothing motions for the baby. The newest edition of the Fisher Price’s Baby Swing has been designed to let babies do what they do best. There are so many mobile devices that are compatible with this swing and you can use it without any hassle, check the list of names of the devices from the device list. The baby will enjoy watching the mobile and the mirror in the center.


  • With four swinging motions, this fisher price product has been the best-bought product by a number of parents who basically look for more options.
  • The Smart Connect Application which is pre-installed and comes for free lets you connect to a number of devices so you can work from anywhere in your home up to 164 ft.
  • The SmartSwing Technology offers six different swinging speeds which range from low to high which is definitely going to soothe your baby or help him play during his or her playing hours.
  • You can choose in between daytime and nighttime lullabies for your babies that are going to soothe them to sleep.


  • It is not travel-friendly as it is impossible to move this big swing from one place to another when the need up. It acquires a lot of space in the house too.
  • Assembling this swing was the real tough task because one who is assembling it needs the help of someone else in order to hold parts and the process is going to take time.

6. Fisher Price Moonlight Meadow Cradle Swing 

Fisher Price Moonlight Meadow Cradle Swing

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Swings can be a great gift for your baby because they let your baby feel free, relaxed and comfortable whether they are playing or trying to sleep. Fisher Price Moonlight Meadow Cradle Swing helps a parent with customizable features where one can combine a list of benefits together as per the mood or preferences of their baby. If you are planning to give your baby a good start in this world then you can’t do it by instructing them with your rule book, you have to let them do whatever they want to do and Fisher-Price amazing range of Baby Swings provides the option. 

They have the perfect blend of 16 soothing tunes, sounds of the nature that are not wild but gentle. There are animals in the form of toys that hung overhead to let the baby enjoy the sight, for a growing baby he or she can play with the same. There is a mirror which doubles the fun as the baby can see themselves in it and get amused by the sight. From infants to toddlers to pre-schoolers everybody can have fun with the Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Cradle Swing.


  • The materials used for this Cradle Swing are of the finest quality because Fisher Price values the sensitivity and softness of a baby that is why it uses Plush, Snuggly Fabrics and an airy canopy overhead.
  • The car seat cover is machine washable and the body insert is removable, the swing comes with a head support for your baby to rest his or her head comfortably. The seat provides complete comfort as it is deep and cozy.
  • Along with six swing speeds, it has 16 songs of the nature that are gentle and soothing.
  • There are three soft animals that are hung overhead, they dance and entertain the baby.
  • There are 3 adjustable seat positions with 2 reclining positions for your baby’s relaxation as well as safety.


  • The grinding noise coming out of the motors is not pleasant and it will not allow your baby to sleep peacefully as it is too high even when you manually push the swing to work.
  • The size of this baby swing is too large and it acquires too much of space of a room. This also makes it non-moveable at times. It is pain to assemble and then disassemble the product to move from one room to another.

7. Fisher Price Papasan Cradle Swing 

Fisher Price Papasan Cradle Swing

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Every parent wishes for a cozy, comfy and relaxing baby swing for their baby because your baby deserves all the love and care. But a baby swing that offers each and every feature is something hard to find but Fisher Price makes it very much possible and affordable with its range of Papasan Cradle Swing. The Papasan Cradle Swing has to offer amazing features like 6 soothing swing speeds, 2 recline positions and it can be plugged into an outlet, it includes an AC adaptor. 

The Papasan Cradle Swing offers nothing less than best performance. When you are using the swing in a battery mode you have to use 4 D alkaline batteries so that the swing will last long and will work effectively because low battery or inefficient battery can make the sound and light of the swing become faint, the movement of the swing to slow down etc. 

There is a little canopy over the head which is cute and sweet enough to keep the baby engaged; it sways as the swing does when in motion. There are 8 delightful songs to entertain your baby and soothe him to sleep when the need be as there are lullabies too. There are stars that keep floating and the baby is amused to see the same as the babies watch them spin overhead.


  • There are 16 songs to soothe and amuse the baby along with a canopy that has projection features to help your baby relax and calm down.
  • The Swing features a cozy seat with two position fabric seat that feels like a nest. The design is very much supportive as it holds the baby’s head in a comfortable manner.
  • There are three-point harnesses which are a combination of a sturdy frame to keep the baby safe and secure, which again is a major concern among the parents for keeping their babies in a swing without them being around.
  • There is a volume control to play the songs at a level that the baby enjoys and is not irritated by, so choose to play music at a level that is convenient for you and your child.


  • The material used in the making of this baby swing is not supportive or trustworthy as there is no such soft thick padding as described or is in the picture. Even the seat pad is crooked and the head pad is too flat to offer comfort.

8. Ingenuity Swing Portable Swings Hoots 

Ingenuity Swing 'n Go Portable Baby Swings, Hugs & Hoots

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A swing that is going to save you some space, is going to make transferring of the same easy and is going to offer features of a top-notch seems difficult, isn’t it? But what if we say we have that kind of a baby swing in stock, what would you as buyers do then? Purchase it right away? Then do it because the Baby Swing from Ingenuity is portable, swings hard as well as low and has a space saving design to help the parents as well as the children with a better tomorrow. 

It has a SlimFold design that makes it easy for the swing to get folded and then be carried from one place to another with ease. It is a perfect portable swing from the best swings collection of Amazon. Though it is battery operated it saves you the cost of using a number of batteries, all thanks to the Hybridrive Swinging Technology. 

It saves the usage of battery so the cells last three times longer than usual. There is no such motor noise in this Ingenuity Portable Swings owing to the Exclusive WhisperQuiet Technology so your baby can sleep peacefully without any disturbance from the swing’s side. Parents don’t have to indulge in too much of maintenance of the swing as the seat cover is machine washable, the toys can be wiped and so can be the frames of the swing.


  • The Swing from the house of Ingenuity is slip resistant so your baby won’t even slip away from the swing while he or she is in deep sleep.
  • The Swing has to offer 5 swing speeds to choose from along with 8 different melodies that are gentle and soothing filled with the sounds of nature.
  • The Hugs and Hoots Fashion has a modern taste to compliment your house as if it is some decor that you have bought for your baby boy or baby girl.
  • There is a toy bar that has 2 plush pals which can be removed easily that too in 1 hand making it accessible to the baby.


  • It doesn’t come with an option to use the plugin feature; it is only batteries that can be used for the swing to work making it double your cost.
  • Though it can be folded but there is no such travel case that comes with this swing for it to be carried to places, one has to disassemble everything before you put in a suitcase. There is not even a handle to carry the swing when once it has been folded.

9. Bucket Toddler Plastic Coated Chains 

Bucket Toddler Plastic Coated Chains

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Not just infants but your growing baby to deserves the same kind of a soothing or playful environment that an infant does while lying in a baby swing. This is the reason why Bucket Toddler Plastic Coated Chains has brought the accessibility of the young children to baby swings. A baby swing whose usability isn’t just restricted to homes but also meant to be used outside,

 It can be in a garden, terrace, park or any other open area of your house or at Local Park where you go for your evening or morning exercises. As we all know nothing is far better than growing up outside and having fun as if you are in some jungle area and on nature’s swing set, which exactly the Bucket Toddler Plastic Coated Chains offer to your babies: an experience like no other baby swing ever could manage to.

The Swing set is very safe and offers a secure environment for the young children because the brand understands how naughty or rather playful young children are or can get. Because of the high-quality plastic and other materials that are constituted in the making of this baby swing, it is favorable enough to sustain the harsh weather conditions when kept outside.


  • It is very safe to admit that your baby is completely secured in this swing as the Swing features 60” of chain and 30” of the chain coated with plastic to ensure safety to the child’s fingers and hand.
  • It has been designed for use for children who are of 6 months and above to children who are under 4 years but in the adult supervision of course.
  • This Baby Swing constitutes a swing set, a jungle gym and other outdoor playsets that your children are going to love playing with. The Baby Swing is very much engaging.
  • The Swing has one High Back full toddler swing that has 66” of the chain which can be shortened, high-quality of galvanized hardware that comes with instructions.


  • Though the Swing Set recommends that any child who is 6 months old or above can use this product but it is too big for 6 months old. It is best for a child who is 2 years old and above.
  • It cannot take the weight of more than 150 pounds, so a child using this swing with a weight of more than 150 pounds isn’t a safe idea.

10. Graco Glider Lite Swing Finch 

Graco Glider Lite baby Swing Finch

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No baby ever wants to leave the lap of their mom or stop cuddling them especially when they are infants. With the same idea, Graco launches its Glider Lite Swing Finch to never let your baby feel as if he or she isn’t cuddling their mom. Thanks to this nursery glider chair from the house of Graco that now every baby can enjoy a soothing, peaceful and comforting sleep in a gliding motion in this terrific gliding baby swing. This Baby Swing has a very light-weight, neither too heavy to assemble nor too heavy to carry from one room to another. 

Graco makes this range of baby swing keeping in mind the idea of smoothness an infant yearns for in their early years. With the six speeds of gliding to choose from, a parent can choose one that provides the much-required pace for your baby to fall asleep or feel good depending on his mood or preferences. It also allows a room of comfort owing to the cozy seat along with a plush head support, a vital thing or criteria to be checked before you buy a baby swing for your nurturing infant.


  • This perfect baby swing comes with a timer installed which lets a parent select the time when the gliding motion should be put to use. With the help of this feature, you have the advantage of extending the battery life of the swing.
  • The advantage of safety and security of your child when he or she rests in the baby swing is taken care by the 5 point harness. It makes sure your baby enjoys every second of being in this swing whether it is for playing or sleeping.
  • The need to play has been featured up with a toy bar along with 2 soft toys. The toy bar is removable as when the need be.
  • There are 10 classic melodies and 5 sounds of nature to your baby’s amusement and delight.


  • The cradle of this swing is not dependable enough as the seat is not too deep, the neck bents in awkward angles while the baby is sleeping. The lightweight feature makes this swing so light that your baby might fall off from the swing.


Given above are the Top 10 best Baby Swings to choose for parents for their babies depending on what they are looking for, what are their requirements and out of all the 10 what can be the best match for them. Baby Swings can be a baby’s best companion in no time so choose them wisely as they can be an irritation to the child as well if not selected wisely. You can purchase them from at the best prices.

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