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Best Kids Bookcases Top 8 Review & Guide in 2019

It is a wise option to invest in furniture for your kid’s room. Furniture built for kid’s room is not like the regular furniture. It is made to match the requirements of kids and for their unique taste and preference. If you are thinking of investing in a Kids Bookcases, it is a great decision. Getting a bookcase at home has so many benefits. Along with the primary reason of getting more organized, having a piece of furniture like this at home will also teach your kids to be organized and do their stuff on their own. They will want to arrange the books, read them, and fill it up with more books. But, as there are so many brands and options available outside, it is a daunting task to pick what your kid might like and what matches his/her requirement.

This guide here will help you make the purchase. Right below here is a buying guide that is a must to refer to, before you get a bookcase home. You do not want your kids to be hurt or at any other type of danger, and thus this buying guide tells you what points you need to remember when buying a bookcase. Also, this article talks about the best options of bookshelves available, based on user ratings and reviews that you can refer and make your choice. So, read on to find out what the article has to offer.

Kids Bookcases Buying Guide:

While you might have the color and size all sorted out in your brain, there are a few essential things to consider before you decide on buying any of the bookshelves. Scout through this buying guide to know what items you have to look out for before you make the purchase.

  • Size: When buying furniture for your kids, make sure it is smaller in size and not out of their reach, so they do not have any trouble reaching out for something. Furniture pieces that are too big might not be the best choice for your kid’s room.
  • Shape: You do not want your kids to end up hurting themselves with sharp-edged furniture. So, make sure that the bookcases you buy are smooth edged. Also, look for any corners that might be cracking or any screws sticking out, as it can be hazardous if left unchecked.
  • Theme: You might want to match your kid’s furniture to their tastes, preferences, age and room’s theme before you get the piece of furniture home. Also, there are so many fantastic options available that are colorful and fun, so pick one that your kid will love.
  • Space: Also, make sure that the furniture doesn’t occupy a lot of space in their room, so they have plenty of room available for them. Also, look for something that is built smartly and provides enough space to hold products, and maybe not just books, but other things too like toys, shoes, craftings, etc.
  • Durability and Safety: The material you choose has to be of durable quality like wood or plastic or metal. Avoid substances like glass that might break easily and harm your kids.

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List Of Best Kid’s Books Cases:

1. KidKraft Puzzle Book Shelf – Primary

Kids Bookcases KidKraft Puzzle Book Shelf - Primary

KidKraft has some fantastic offerings for your kid’s room. The KidKraft Puzzle Book Shelf is designed primarily for your kids, with such design and fun colors in mind. If you do not have anything specific in your mind to set up your kid’s room, this piece of furniture is a great buy. A sturdy wooden bookcase that does not tip and can hold your kid’s books, crafts, toys and other items and help you organize it all the better along with being super cute to look at. The colors will surely liven up the room.

The dimensions of the product are 25 x 11.5 x 37.5 inches, and it weighs around 40 pounds. It is unassembled that product that needs to assemble by the buyer, at home. The product has a lifespan of about 3 to 8 years, depending on the use and care taken.



  • Sturdy wooden build, which is durable and safe for kids
  • Easy to arrange pieces of furniture, that can be assembled at home without much fuss
  • Perfect size within reach of kids
  • Easy access due to open shelves
  • Spacious and wide shelves that can hold a lot many books and toys
  • Fresh colors to add a little fun and life to the room


  • Little expensive for a bookcase
  • The bookcase is said to have a foul smell of new paint, which might not be very pleasant for your kid’s room.
  • The assembling directions can be a little hard to understand for those doing it for the first time
  • The shelves do not have any guardrail to protect the things from falling off

2. Altra Furniture Ameriwood Home Hazel Kids’ 4 Shelf Bookcase, White

Altra Furniture Ameriwood Home Hazel Kids' 4 Shelf Bookcase, White

Altra furniture is a trusted name when it comes to buying furniture for you or your kid’s room. The brand has so many different pieces of furniture to offer, all of them being well-built and of amazing quality. The Altra Furniture Ameriwood Kid’s Bookcase is another such amazing furniture. This amazing bookcase comes in two colors that you can choose from, Hazel White and Espresso. The Bookcase comes with 4 wide and spacious bookshelves and a bottom bin. You can now easily organize your kid’s room with this furniture piece that can hold books, toys, school and craft supplies, etc.

The dimensions of the product are 31.5 x 15.5 x 60 inches, and it weighs around 67 pounds. This product is an unassembled unit and comes with an assembling guide to help the user install it in the right way. The product will serve you long enough, for at least 2 to 8 years, depending on how you treat it and take care of it. Also, wood needs particular attention as it has the chances of getting damaged.



  • Very smooth design with no edges
  • Constructed of Laminated MDF and particleboard
  • Comes with a storage bin at the bottom to hold all the toys at one place.
  • A sturdy wooden piece of furniture and does not tip
  • Provides for easy access for your kids
  • Quite inexpensive for a bookcase
  • Can hold a lot of stuff other than just books.


  • The curved design narrows the bookshelves on the top, and they cannot hold a lot of stuff
  • Poorly described instructions and pictures can be a significant problem when assembling the product
  • The product is pretty tall; the topmost shelf might be out of your kid’s reach
  • As big as a typical living room bookcase, but not as keen to be used for real books

3. Delta Children MySize Bookshelf, Grey

Delta Children MySize Bookshelf, Grey

Delta Children is a brand focused on making high quality and sturdy pieces of furniture for kids. The furniture offered by Delta Children is affordable and comes in a wide range of varieties to choose from. The bookshelf is perfect for your kids as the size is not too big and is within reach of your kid’s arm. The piece comes in three different colors to help you match the decor and taste of the kid’s room: Dark Chocolate, Grey, and Bianca White. Also, the bookcase will not occupy a lot of room, so your kids will not have to compromise on their space. It is a great way to organize books, toys, craft supplies and other tiny stuff.

The dimensions of the product are 10.5 x 24.6 x 33 inches, and it weighs around 22 pounds. This is an unassembled product that comes to an assembling guide for your assistance to set it up. The simple design can allow a little room of creativity for your kids, and they can decorate the piece according to their choice and preferences. Also, the furniture piece can efficiently serve you for many years, provided you take proper care of it.



  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Three open shelves to help you organize better
  • Comes with an assembling guide for assistance
  • Comes with a bracket to help it secure to the wall, so it doesn’t tip on a child’s grab
  • Open shelves provide for easy access


  • The product might not be all in painted in the same color, you might be able to see different colors o the shelves and sideboards
  • The chances are that the wood might not serve you long, as it can break or chip
  • The wall anchor will not be very helpful as most walls have baseboards
  • The assembling guide can be a tough one to follow and assemble the piece

4. KidKraft Bookcase with Reading Nook Toy, Espresso

KidKraft Bookcase with Reading Nook Toy, Espresso

Another fantastic product from KidKraft, this bookcase comes with a nook for your kids to sit and read the books right there. A tiny piece of furniture for your kid’s room that can a lot many books and other stuff and helps you organize in a better way. The bookcase is available in three pretty colors: White, Natural, and Espresso, and you can pick any that best suits your home decor. The seat comes with a cushion for the comfort of your kids. It is made of wood and is pretty sturdy. It has a great base, so you don’t have to fear of it tripping and falling. These kind of bookcases are not only useful at home, but are also an excellent choice for kid’s classrooms and playrooms. The wood cabinet has to be taken care of, as there are chances you might end up damaging the wood bookcase.

The dimensions of the product are 40.1 x 11.8 x 24 inches, and it weighs around 35 pounds. Not very expensive for a furniture-like and it is a DIY project, that comes unassembled and with an assembling assistance booklet for your guidance.



  • Made of good quality wood
  • Comes with a seat in between two shelves, for your kid’s quiet reading time
  • Not very large, perfect for the reach of children
  • Small size and open shelves allow easy access to kids
  • Wide shelves that can hold a lot of books or toys or any other your kid’s stuff


  • The piece is not very sturdy, and if stacked up with books, might wobble
  • Assembling can be a laborious process, due to missing guide or missing hardware pieces
  • Be careful as there are chances of damaging the wood and it might not serve you long
  • Quiet smaller in size, than a regular bookcase

5. KidKraft Sling Bookshelf, Primary

KidKraft Sling Bookshelf, Primary

This colorful bookcase from KidKraft is a fantastic choice to bring to life your kid’s bedroom. This tiny piece of furniture is so compact and stylish that it does all the work it is expected to and also doesn’t take up a lot of space. Also, not very pricey and this fits right into your budget and is an excellent buy for this amount. It can hold any amount and size of books, and the display function is unique, it showcases the collection of books your kids have and are in their approach all the time.

The dimensions of the bookcase are 27.9 x 24 x 11.8 inches, and it weighs around 12 pounds. It comes with an assembling guide, to help you assemble the product and place it in the room. The bookcase will efficiently serve you for about 3 to 8 years, and it all depends on how you treat it and take care of it. These pieces are built for kids, and any other kind of use by adults can damage the bookcase.



  • Easy organization of books
  • Books can be displayed with the front or the back cover, instead of the spine, so your kids will know what they are picking
  • Soft canvas shelves will not damage the books
  • Perfect size that is not hard to reach for kids


  • This bookcase can only hold up books and nothing else
  • If the books are small in size, they might not show up from the shelf
  • On the contrary, large sized books lean forward and again defeat the purpose of books being visible
  • The assembling can be a little tricky because of a bad or missing assembling guide

6. Guidecraft Modular Library Storage Set with Seat, Children Bookcase Shelves – Kids Furniture Cubbies

Guidecraft Modular Library Storage Set with Seat, Children Bookcase Shelves – Kids Furniture Cubbies

Here is a tiny library for your kid’s room or even a classroom. The bookcase comes with proper nylon seat and backrest for the comfort of the kids. The case has enough space available for books and kids to sit and read. Around 5 cubicles under the seat, 4 on the sides and 5 behind, that’s a lot of space. The material used is of superior quality, made of birch plywood and has a UV finish. It is sturdy and robust. It is a great buy if you’re planning of setting up a personal library for your kids, as the desk can hold a lot of books and will also provide for a quiet and calm place for your kids to sit and read and indulge in the experience of reading.

The dimensions of the product are 24.5 x 15.2 x 4.2 inches and weigh around 115 pounds. The product is delivered unassembled and has to be assembled using the guide and hardware provided. This piece can have a long lifespan if taken care of and your kids will love it. It provides for easy access to stuff especially books and they can sit right there and read their favorite stories. It will encourage reading and organizational skills in kids.



  • Renowned and trusted brand to buy kids furniture
  • Plenty of space to organize books, toys, school and craft supplies.
  • Perfect for classrooms and libraries
  • Sturdy and robust built with cushion seats to provide utmost comfort to your kids
  • Not too high in length, so doesn’t go out of reach of kids


  • Occupies a lot of space,
  • Not the right choice for kid’s room
  • A bit expensive

7. ECR4Kids ELR-0335 Birch Hardwood Double-Sided Book Display Stand for Kids, 10 Shelves, Natural

ECR4Kids ELR-0335 Birch Hardwood Double-Sided Book Display Stand for Kids, 10 Shelves, Natural

Looking for a simple and neat bookshelf for your kid’s room or a play school or a library? Then this is the perfect choice for you. A simple, sturdy and robust piece of furniture to get your books organized most fantastically. The piece is easy to assemble and comes with wheels for easy mobility. It is a perfect choice, and as it is plain and simple, your kids might also get the option to decorate it themselves, with their crafts and personalize it according to their taste.

The dimensions of the bookcase are:

  • Overall Dimensions — 36″ L x 19″ W x 30″ H, 38 lbs
  • Shelf Dimensions — 35.75″ L x 1.25″ W x 7.88″ H and weighs around 37 pounds.

This piece of furniture has to be assembled by an adult, with the help of the hardware available in the package and the assembly guide. It is a sturdy piece of furniture that can serve you long if taken proper care. Make sure you keep liquids and paints and such stuff away from this kind of a bookcase so that you don’t end up damaging the piece.



  • Simple and plain design, suitable for any room
  • Has plenty of space to organize books
  • The shelves are designed to make the book’s cover visible to the kids
  • Has wheels for easy mobility
  • Built for kids and thus not very far away from their reach.
  • GREENGUARD[GOLD] Certified for the safety of kids
  • No edges that might cause harm, it has a great round edge design


  • Too plain and simple for kid’s room or classroom
  • Can only store books and nothing else apart from them
  • It might be a problem to understand the assembling guide and thus setting up the product might be a challenge

8. KidKraft Firehouse Bookcase

KidKraft Firehouse Bookcase

Another amazing product from KidKraft, this firehouse bookcase is super cute and fun. The bright red color that the firehouse bookcase comes in can entirely lift up the feel of the room and add a different feel, that is needed in kid’s rooms. The cabinet comes with a cute yellow bell to give it a feeling of real firefighting. This bookcase can surely double up as your kid’s favorite game where they save people from a deadly fire breakout. It is excellent for the organization as well, has many compartments that can store many other things apart from books alone.

The dimensions of the bookcase are 28.2 x 12.2 x 38 inches, and it weighs around 20 pounds. It is made of wood and has to be assembled by an adult, using the assembling guide that comes along the product.



  • Bright colors and perfect for kid’s room
  • Made of excellent quality wood, it is sturdy and strong
  • Can hold a lot of books and other stuff like toys, school supplies, crafts, etc
  • Takes little space in the room and helps in organization
  • Provides for easy access as there are open shelves


  • Little expensive for the size
  • Assembling the bookcase can be a bit of a challenge
  • Doesn’t come with any guardrails and there is a chance the stuff might fall off
  • There is also a chance that the product might tip


Now you have a fair idea as to what to buy and what to avoid. Make sure you thoroughly read the buying guide and keep those points in your mind, so you do not regret your decision by buying something that is not safe or doesn’t hold up all the stuff you want to. Additionally, make sure the piece is strong and sturdy and doesn’t break if your kids decide to pounce upon them. You would also want to invest in something that will serve you longer rather than just breaking in pieces in a few days.