Top 10 Racing Car Bed For Toddlers

Time passes really quickly and our children grow with time. Is it time to replace the crib and bring a toddler bed? If yes, then you must be looking for a spectacular bed that will make your child a lot happier and brings a million dollar smile on their face. We are here with the ten best racing car bed for toddlers that you should check out to find the most demandable products of this year. We have considered the popular products that have good reviews, best quality and safest features for your racer. You will find different styles which will offer different price ranges from low to high. These top 10 toddler car beds also may be the best pick as presents.

How to Buy Racing Car Bed For Toddlers : Buyer’s Guide

Racing car shaped beds can be an incredible surprise for youngsters. If your child dream about cars and love sports, you may consider buying him a racing car bed that fits their age. Before going through the top 10 car bed list, you must read these facts about racing cars.

The Structure of the Bed

Different brands and models offer varied specifications. If you want to pick the appropriate furniture you should verify several facts. Find out the structural details of the bed. Is that furniture really suitable for your toddler? Do not buy anything that has sharp corners or loose structure otherwise, the toddler can get hurt while playing on the bed. Also, buy a bed that suits their age. If you buy something that is for bigger kids and not for toddlers or vice versa, then your kid may feel uncomfortable using the bed.

Safety Features

Almost all toddlers who have transferred to a toddler bed recently, have a habit of rolling over. The baby cribs were well-protected by sides but in the case of the toddler bed, that may be not the case. However, some of the beds that are specially made for little kiddos are equipped with side rails. These rails protect your child from falling and aid them to adjust to a new bigger bed. If you want to keep your kid in a safe condition at night, you can go for this kind of style. However, for the bigger child, we don’t recommend these beds, it may cause discomfort to them.

Weight Limit And Mattress Type

Some of the bed offers a maximum weight limit of 50 lbs, which is enough for a single toddler. However, for a long period of usage, you should get a bed that can withstand the maximum of 150-200 lbs. These beds are sturdy furthermore, the kids can play with their buddies and siblings without any worries. The mattress type is another concern here, if the bed fits only a standard crib mattress, then it may not be useful in future. You should consider the bed that offers duel mattress support that can grow as your child grows.

Easy Access To Bed

Do not forget that you are buying this bed for your toddler, that’s why it should have a special structure which will allow effortless access to the bed. You must buy a bed that is low to the ground so that the lamb can easily get on and off the bed.

Attractive Looks and Decals

These racing car beds generally come with decals and some of them have headlights. The bed with actual headlights can cost higher than others yet if you want a bed at a cheaper range, you can go for the beds with headlight stickers. Keep that in mind, you have to put on these stickers with caution and that may take a lot of time.

1. Eight24hours Kids Toddler Racing Car Bed Review

Eight24hours Kids Toddler Racing Car Bed Review

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This company has come up with a brand-new toddler car bed that is one of the best among all cool toddler beds. If you are looking for high-quality durable racing car beds for toddlers, then you should check this piece out. Eight24hours Kids Toddler Racing Car Bed looks really stylish. Moreover, it offers necessary protection together with bundles of joy for toddlers and kids. This car-shaped furniture is a perfect selection for children of 3 to 8 years old. They will find the shape of this car bed entertaining plus the color is alluring enough to cheer up the little champs.

The bed is specially made for toddlers that’s why it is constructed of durable, stable materials. The El-grade MDF and Plywood make this bed sturdy plus non-toxic surface spray paints are harmless for children. The paint also features a moisture-proof design that will serve for years. In the front section of the Eight24hours toddler bed, there is additional storage space. The kids can adorn this space with their favorite toys, comics or tiny treasures.

We realize, parents seek reliable furniture where their little one can sleep safe and sound without falling off the bed. The regular beds are quite high from the ground. Besides, they do not offer any safety features. Eight24hours Racing Car Bed offers bed rails on the sides that ensure proper security of your toddler while they are in the clouds of their dreams. The bed is large enough to ensure years of usage even for growing kids. This furniture comes with an E-book plus it is not complicated to assemble.


  • Fancy Colorful Design
  • Made of El-grade and Plywood
  • Moisture Proof Non-toxic Surface Paint
  • Large Storage Space on the Front
  • Designed with Bed Rails
  • Easy to Assemble


  • A Highly Priced Furniture

2. Costzon New Kids Race Car Bed Review

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One of the top picks by parents among all other cheap car beds for toddlers. If you are seeking a toddler car bed that has a fair price with impressive looks, this may be the right product for you. Costzon Kids Race Car Bed comes in an eye-popping red color. Toddlers adore it since they find it interesting due to its cool racing car appearance.

This car bed offers safety measures similar to any other renowned racing car beds for toddlers. It fulfills all safety requirements of JPMA, ensuring high-performance and secure environment for your kid. The structure is sturdy, enhancing its longevity. This furniture needs an adults’ assembly. No worries here though. This bed comes with the required hardware accessories plus it is easy to assemble. The only one complaint about this bed is its size. The necessary mattress size for this furniture is 55” which is difficult to find on the market. It is larger than other standard crib mattresses which are around 52”.

The toddler car bed offers a smart structure with high side rails that protect your kid from falling and getting hurt. This bed is for growing toddlers which makes crib-to-bed transition effortless. The little ones will prefer this car shaped bed to play and sleep on it. Since this bed looks fashionable and you can get it within a reasonable price, it is the perfect pick as a present.


  • Necessary hardware included
  • Meets JPMA safety requirements
  • Car Shaped stylish structure
  • High sides for safety
  • Lower price than others
  • Strong and sturdy construction


  • Standard mattress is short for this bed

3. KidKraft Race Car Toddler Bed Review

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An excellent color contrast with a stylish car-shaped structure intrigues little dreamers. Kidkraft Race Car bedroom Collection has always been a popular choice for the parents. It is one of the best racing car beds for toddlers due to its durability and looks. This toddler car bed offers an excellent fun experience for the toddlers, making it a favorite place for playing and of course for dreaming.

This furniture fits almost all standard mattress that saves you from a big hassle of finding the right mattress. You can use any old mattress you have or simply buy the KidKraft mattress that is made for this car bed. There is another good point of this furniture, it does not include numerous parts, making it easier to put together. The colorful racing themed stickers make it more graphic, catching children’s eye.

The bed features standard safety measures for toddlers and kids. It is easy to access since it’s not much high off the floor, making it suitable for small kids. There are side rails on the bed that makes it safer than a regular bed. There is an adorable bench on the front. Toddlers can use it as a stair to access the bed or sit there or merely set their foot on it to play comfortably on top of the bed.


  • Fits most of the mattress
  • Nearer to the ground
  • Features bed rails and a bench
  • Sturdy frame
  • Colorful racing car design


  • Under the pillow area, kids might hit their head

4. Delta Children Cars Lightning McQueen Twin Bed Review

Delta Children Cars Lightning McQueen Twin Bed Review

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Is your kid admires Lighting McQueen? If yes, then this Lighting McQueen race car bed is waiting for the little racer. Delta Children has come up with this amazing piece that looks stunning and mimics the character perfectly. A striking design and hot-red color that represents the super-fast Disney character. Delta Children Cars Lightning McQueen Twin Bed is suitable for toddlers and growing kids.

This car shaped bed for kids is made with molded plastic material that makes it durable and ready for years of use. Almost all standard mattresses fit this toddler car bed and the funny thing is, the headlights do actually work. The headlights will need batteries to work and I think the headlights are the most attractive feature of this car that kids will love. The decals create a 3D look at the sides of this bed. You can clean the lights easily with a dry cloth. The headlights will work as a nightlight for toddlers who are scared of the dark. However, it is really efficient and saves battery by turning off automatically after 15 minutes.

Unlike other regular racing car beds for toddlers, this one features duel mattress support option. You can use a twin mattress together with a box spring and even place it directly on the bed. This is a top-quality furniture made by Delta Children, a well-known family-owned company that has been producing juvenile products since 1968. This car bed is a made in USA product and officially licensed by Disney.


  • Built with durable molded plastic
  • Working headlines that turn off automatically
  • Easy to clean the lights
  • Two mattress support
  • Officially licensed by Disney


  • The sides are not high

5. Step2 Hot Wheels Toddler to Twin Bed Review

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This Step2 race car bed is for kids of all ages. If you are searching for a premium quality racing car beds for toddlers then this toddler bed can be a wise option. Step2 is a well-known brand that produces a lot of products for kids and toddlers and they are quite popular in the market. This is another furniture of Step2 that is now in demand.

This car shaped bed allows kids and toddlers a fun and active play. If your child like cars and racing they will surely admire this furniture. Step2 hot Wheels Toddler to Twin bed is a perfect addition to your house that will last many years. The manufacturer had recommended this bed for kids of 2 to 10 years old. That means you can easily transfer your child from a crib to a grown-up bed.

This stunning car bed features tap-on headlights and race car rims that makes it very similar to a real racing car. The sides offer a flat surface where the little champ can store their books, cars, toys and so on. The headlights are gorgeous and they work like actual car lights. The race tracks around the frame is another remarkable feature that will enhance the excitement of the kids. This bed offers a bigger space where the big kids can sleep with comfort. The car bed also features two mattress support board so that you can easily convert it from a toddler to twin bed.


  • Realistic working headlights
  • Racing tracks and rims
  • Two matter support boards
  • Includes a shelf
  • Ideal mimicking of a racing car
  • Really sturdy and big


  • A little hard to assemble

6. Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed Review

Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed Review

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One of the most popular racing car beds for toddlers that comes at a remarkable cost. This toddler car bed is specially made for little kids and ensures their safety. Your kid will eager to sleep on this bed because of its charming appearance. It comes with elegant decals of Lighting McQueen and constructed from durable wood materials. This is a furniture for toddlers that offers multiple features and facilities at a single unit.

Delta children Wood toddler Bed is certified by JPMA because it satisfies and exceeds all requirements of JPMA. This product is tested by independent organizations, provides a peace of mind for the parents. After all, every parent wants the best goods for their child, even it’s a low priced product. This bed needs adults’ assembly and the great news is, it is not so challenging to put together. It will be a wise selection for toddlers who are more than 15 months old and not for older kids.

The sides have safety rails that prevent rolling out of the lambs. The bed won’t be really high from the floor, which is a good thing for kid’s safety. The stickers produce a crystal clear graphic of Lighting McQueen’s figure as well as it ideally mirrors a racing car Disney theme that keeps toddlers active and festive.


  • Solid durable construction
  • JPMA certified bed
  • Two side rails for safety
  • Effortless assembly
  • Not very high from the ground
  • Outstanding 3D stickers


  • Not suitable for big kids

7. Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed Review

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You will find no racing car beds for toddlers at such an inexpensive price range such as this. Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed is another adorable furniture for kids which is suited to toddlers. This bed is recommended for toddlers of 15+ months and can withstand a maximum weight of 50 lbs. This toddler car bed has admittedly a sturdy design for your little one that loves Disney Cars Characters.

We all know Delta Children is one of the best brands of racing car beds for toddlers. Like other highly priced products, this one meets CPSC and ASTM standards. Furthermore, JPMA has certified it. This car bed allows outstanding secure design for little kids who just shifted from a crib to a toddler bed. It features durable steel frames, built with top-quality plastic materials. All these make the structure sturdy enough for it to support your child and their activity for years.

Most of the parents worry about their toddler when the time of transition from a crib to bed occurs. However, this furniture comes with adorable decals that are on display at both the headboard and footboard. Getting a bed decorated with favorite cartoon characters makes their dream come true. The size is ideal and comfortable for the little ones plus they can easily get on and off the bed because the bed is low to the ground.

If you have done some furniture assembly before, it won’t be challenging to put together the bed pieces. However, most likely it takes 30-60 minutes to assemble. Now purchase this bed full of fun features to allow your kid asleep soundly with Lighting McQueen and Jackson Storm around them.


  • Attached guardrails
  • Requires standard crib mattress
  • Built of high-quality plastic
  • Offers sturdy steel frame
  • Design on headboard and footboard
  • Low to the ground
  • JPMA certified furniture


  • Hard to apply the stickers
  • Not suitable for big kids

8. Delta Children 3D-Footboard Toddler Bed Review

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If your toddler is obsessed with Disney’s famous character Lighting McQueen then this might be the perfect one for you to select. This is one of the most popular racing car beds for toddlers that comes with exclusive 3D decals. This bed helps to make the crib-to-bed transition easier plus keep your child cheerful and secure. It features exact size that offers a comfortable experience to your kid and the bed fits almost all standard sized crib mattresses. You can also buy a Delta Children mattress along with this bed.

Delta Children 3D-Footboard toddler bed features sturdy metal frames and high-quality plastic frame. There is no doubt this furniture is long lasting that can withstand the kid’s jumping, rolling and so on. The toddler bed is extremely dependable, meets all safety recruitments of JPMA. The two attached guardrails are to offer security that keeps your child safe at night. It’s also low to the ground, meaning the little one can easily access the bed plus this feature also prevents any potential accident.

The smiling face of Lighting McQueen plasterers the footboard plus there are more decals for the headboard. An attractive design along with 3D high graphics stickers will brighten up your toddler, no doubt here. This plastic bed offers overall protection for the youngsters and comes in delightful designs like any well-known expensive bed. However, it grants a reasonable cost.


  • Metal frame and plastic construction
  • Low to the ground
  • Two attached ground rails
  • Fits standard crib mattress
  • 3D decals on the footboard
  • Provides long lasting service
  • Allows easy access to the bed
  • Meets all JPMA standards


  • Requires caution while applying stickers

9. Step2 Corvette Z06 Toddler to Twin Bed Review

Step2 Corvette Z06 Toddler to Twin Bed Review

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Are you looking for toddler beds shaped like cars? This toddler car bed is not only shaped like a car but also gives an illusion of a real car. The silver rim and gorgeous Corvette stickers create the perfect form of a Corvette Z06. Many children feel no comfort sleeping in darkness. The headlights of this car bed can help solve this issue. The car has working tap-on headlights which can perform as a night light for them.

This is a toddler car bed that also features playing section for the utmost fun. The kids get a built-in race track where they can place their cars and relish an exciting racing match. This product is made in the USA and withstands up to 200 lbs of weight. This furniture worth its price, it can endure a higher weigh together with years of use.

You can also replace your regular crib mattress and use a twin mattress for your growing kid. Step2 Corvette Z06 bed offers a stunning appearance that will make your kid interested to accept his own bed. This furniture also offers a big comfy space to get a sound sleep and enjoy sweet dreams. The price may seem a lot higher although the build of this car is outstanding and the quality is great.


  • Can accommodate a toddler and twin mattress
  • Realistic Corvette Z06 style
  • Tap-on working headlights
  • Built-in race track
  • Maximum weight limit 200 lbs
  • Made in the USA


  • Assembling with provided screws can be troublesome

10. Step2 Stock Car Convertible Bed Review

Step2 Stock Car Convertible Bed Review

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Step2 Stock Car Convertible Bed is a stunning car shaped bed for toddlers. This is another masterpiece of Step2, offering various impressive features and high-performance. This bed is intended for kids of 2 to 8 years old. That’s why it offers two mattress option where you can use a crib mattress or a twin mattress. When you set the toddler mattress, the little one will get a molded-in race track for extra fun. This race track near the footboard offers continuous playing with toy cars. You can buy several cars that are sold separately.

This toddler car bed is built with double-wall plastic that makes it sturdy and enhances its longevity. The structure also allows easy cleaning that reduces the time and effort of the parents. Unlike other racing car beds for toddlers, it offers a simple assembly process. You will be pleased to know that, the furniture is made in the USA furthermore, features a lot of safety measures for your toddler.

If your child has a habit of rolling over the bed then this bed will help in this case. The bed is not so high off the floor plus the high side rail design tacks them on the bed to prevent falling. The car bed is a blend of supreme quality and excellent looks that attracts kids of all ages. This is a comfy bed for both toddlers and growing kids.


  • Duel mattress support
  • Racing track for playing
  • High side rails
  • Stylish decals
  • Easy to put together
  • Mad of double-wall plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in the USA


  • Not fits all crib mattresses

Final Verdict

All of these products are of superior quality, although not all of them provide the same facilities and features. We always suggest that you should purchase the product that fulfills most of the requirements within your preferred budget. Choose the perfect bed that is big enough for your kid. That’s the reason you should verify the size before purchasing any of them. These fine-quality beds will be the top selection as a gift to present on birthdays or any event.