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Breastfeeding Pillow: Which is the top of 2020?

The breastfeeding pillow is an article that has been specially developed to facilitate this phase of motherhood. They are available in different sizes and shapes and make this process simpler. The main idea is for both mom and baby to be as comfortable as possible.

Mothers are well aware that each baby’s breastfeeding can be extended for a long time, so finding a comfortable posture is critical. This is the mission of the breastfeeding pillow. Here are the details to keep in mind to find the most convenient model.

The ergonomic design of the breastfeeding pad provides great comfort for both mother and baby and makes them perfectly matched to each other.

These products are lined with soft materials and very easy to wash.

There are very versatile models that can be used from gestation to when the baby begins to breastfeed.

Ranking: Top 5 best breastfeeding pillows on the market

If you are planning to purchase a breastfeeding pad, take a look at the models we will show you below. When choosing, be sure to check if the model is appropriate for your needs.

1. Ergobaby Breastfeeding Pillow with Cover, Natural Curve, Heathered Grey

This breastfeeding pillow is great for providing the comfort moms need and eliminating the back pain that is so common at this stage. The unique contour of this product positions the baby right in front of the mother’s belly, and offers comfortable support for breastfeeding.

Ergobaby breastfeeding pillow has a firm foam, which has the ability to maintain support, and wraps around the mother’s hip on the sides, providing an armrest.

2. Extra-Soft Breastfeeding Baby Support Pillow w/100% Hypoallergenic Removable Slipcover | Antibacterial Newborn Infant Feeding Cushion | Portable for Travel | Nursing Pillow for Boys&Girls

This pillow is very versatile because it can be used from the beginning of pregnancy until the end of breastfeeding, which is great for the pregnant woman to find a better sleeping position during late pregnancy, and to have support for the back and arms while breastfeeding.

Besides, it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial and can be machine washed, which makes life easier for moms, as this is a product that can get dirty easily.

3. My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow, Grey & Yellow Fireworks

This breastfeeding pad helps a lot when your baby needs to breastfeed because it has an ergonomic and natural design and wraps around the mom’s waist, making the baby safe and comfortable. It has a soft, high-density foam padding.

Its wrap-around strap allows her to fit her body perfectly, which helps the mother and baby stay comfortable for a long time.

4. Boppy Original Nursing Pillow and Positioner, Notebook Black and Gold, Cotton Blend Fabric with allover fashion

The padding of this breastfeeding pad is both soft and compact, allowing you to have the perfect balance for comfort for mom and baby. Besides, it stays in shape for a long time, which means it has high durability.

Another plus point of this product is that both the pillow and its cover can be machine washable, and its shape allows it to fit any mom. This product is also an excellent choice to support the pregnant woman during pregnancy.

5. Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow (Colors may vary)

Infantino Breastfeeding Pillow helps lifting baby with a different height pillow with easily adjusts. Also, the baby pillow can put moms in very comfortable positions.

Buying Guide: What You Need to Know About the Breastfeeding Pad?

The breastfeeding pillow is designed to make feeding your baby as easy as possible during his first months of life. Since he will have to breastfeed several times a day, the mother must be in a comfortable posture to do this.

In this article, you will find some important considerations for this product.

What exactly is a breastfeeding pillow?

A breastfeeding pad is specially designed to make breastfeeding more comfortable for both moms and baby. The purpose of this product is to slightly elevate the child’s body so that the mother does not feel any discomfort in the neck, back or arms.

These products are available in different sizes and lengths, and many of them resemble the design of travel pillows, also known as the neck rest. Others are larger and are also used during pregnancy as a form of support.

What are the advantages of using a breastfeeding pillow?

In the first weeks of life, your baby will need to breastfeed several times a day, and each time you have to be very patient as the child must have time to feed. Maintaining an incorrect posture during this time can cause the mother pain and discomfort and make breastfeeding an ordeal.

The breastfeeding pad corrects a woman’s posture, prevents pain, and makes breastfeeding a moment of greater connection between mother and child. It will also improve the baby’s position to feed, so it will make less effort, which will improve its digestion.

What is the filling of the breastfeeding pad?

In general, the breastfeeding pillow is a soft and flexible article that should adapt to different postures when breastfeeding a baby, either on the breast or through a bottle. The filling is one of the main factors that help the cushion meet its goal, and one of the most common is polyester fiber.

The advantage of this material is that it does not deform and contributes to the firmness of the cushion without neglecting its comfort. There are also pillows made of feathers, cotton or even polystyrene, the latter being very adaptable but not very durable.

What types of breastfeeding pads are there?

Generally speaking, we can say that there are two types of breastfeeding pads judging by their shape and size. First, let’s talk about the horseshoe or “U” pad. By its design, it fits around the mother’s waist so that the baby can support herself while breastfeeding. Ideally, Mom should be sitting.

Second is the elongated shaped breastfeeding pads. They are larger and can reach 2 meters in length. By its design, this model is very useful in the final stage of pregnancy, and also helps in breastfeeding.

Can the breastfeeding pad be machine washed?

To know if a breastfeeding pad can be machine washable, you need to know what the material of manufacture is both exterior and interior. Some models have a cover that can be removed and attached to the machine as needed.

If your cushion does not have a removable cover, consult the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember that depending on the filling, your pillow may not be machine washable, such as those made with polystyrene microspheres, as they may deform.

Purchase Criteria

When selecting the best breastfeeding pad, you must consider several factors. You will find many models available in the market that meet the different needs of mothers and babies. In the following, we’ll talk about the key criteria you must meet to make the best decision.

Manufacturing material

The first aspect you should take into account is the cushion manufacturing material. Ideally, the product should be made of hypoallergenic materials that are soft to the touch. Another important detail is that the fabric is breathable.

Regarding the outside of the cushion, it is ideal that the cover can be washed and made of natural and quality fibers such as cotton. For the filling, an excellent option is polyester fiber, as they are characterized by not easily deforming and being flexible.

Size and weight

You must consider the size and weight of the breastfeeding pad, especially whether it will be easy to carry and store.

Horseshoe-type or U-shaped ones are easier to store as well as carry because they are smaller. The advantage is that you can handle these products very easily, even with one hand.

The elongated cushion is usually between 170 and 180 cm, and these models serve to breastfeed the baby and to feel more comfortable during pregnancy. The downside is that these pillows are bigger and heavier.


A pillow is a product you will use frequently, and because it is a breastfeeding product, it will probably be more easily soiled, so you must purchase a product that is easy to keep clean.

Ideally, the breastfeeding pillow has a cover that can be removed and washed. This way, no matter how many times it gets dirty, you can easily wash the machine. If it does not have a removable cover, you may not be able to put it in the machine.


Like any other baby article, the design is very important. The good news is that breastfeeding pads are available in many different colors, prints, and shapes, depending on the model and brand you choose. Some prefer softer shades, while others prefer more striking colors.

The details of each model must be taken into account. Some pads have a button or loop closure on the front, and some have pockets or headrests for the baby or the mother’s back.


Lastly, you should evaluate the firmness of the breastfeeding pad. Ideally, the model should maintain a balance between firmness and malleability. This is why filling them is so important, as it will determine whether the model will have the right balance between these characteristics and be comfortable enough for both mother and baby.

Polyester fiber filler is one of the most requested as it retains its firmness for a long time. Remember that the main idea of the breastfeeding pillow is to provide a comfortable position for mom, and thus relieve muscle tension.


It is normal for the breastfeeding pillow to be on the papal priority list when preparing the layette for the baby, as they do a very important job as they not only help to improve the baby’s position but also alleviate the baby’s posture. mom.

Depending on the model chosen, they can also make life easier for moms during the last phase of pregnancy, as well as when the baby starts using the bottle. It also serves for the baby to relax during digestion.

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