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Fisher Price Baby Bouncer Seat Review

When I began researching my child’s accessories, I saw that in the maternity world, baby rocker seats, also called Baby Bouncer Seat, were unanimous. I confess that at first, I did not consider buying. I found an unnecessary investment for an item that the child would use up to about 6 months on average.

The months of pregnancy were passing and then my opinion was changing. Then I started to research more focused on the subject. Finally, I was pleasantly surprised to find a model that went beyond the traditional 9kg.

I’m talking about Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Seat. It goes from 0 to 18 kg which gives an average of 4 years, the price paid at the time was inexpensive.

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Seat – Grows with baby from newborn to toddler! 

Fisher Price Baby Bouncer Seat

This Baby Bouncer Chair fully reclines and turns into a crib. And the fact of being rocking simply made me see that in a top 5 items of the buyer list, it would certainly be included.

When my child was little I would make him sleep there daily, usually would lay him on the baby bouncer chair and swing with his foot while doing his nails. I usually talk on the phone or the computer, one hand on the wheel literally.

When he was awake he would go up to the half-seated position, strap him in, and there he would watch Cartoon Program while I took a quick shower or made his baby food. By the way, in the early months of baby food, when I found him too small for the high chair, this was where he ate, too. My child enjoys the washable toys that suit around his wrist and also the pretty hanging toys.

When I set the locks that it would not rock. Now, I have raised the locks that today he can rock inside.

The Baby Bouncer Chair’s vibratory function is the point where it didn’t work here. Every time he called he cried. It seemed to be a mixture of fear and irritation. So it’s a function that didn’t add much to us.

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Seat – With Portable Function

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Seat - Portable Rocker

The Baby bouncer seat has a mobile function too which while he was a baby was quite successful. Today I  stored the bouncer at home.

The baby bouncer seat is light and foldable, so it lived in the car and made the baby comfortable when we went to parties and barbecues, or spending the day at my parents’ house. And its lining comes out completely for washing and is made of a soft microfiber-like fabric that dries incredibly fast and can even be machine washed without the spin function. And the baby bouncer’s fabric does not heat the child.

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Seat is safe and secure!

Fisher Price Baby Bouncer Seat Safe and Secure

Although it is all plastic, the material is very resistant, since today it weighs almost 14kg and learned the prowess of standing on it to achieve other things and she does not hesitate, hang on. Currently, we only use it in the armchair position because it no longer accepts being in the baby position.

I think I was able to address the best points of the chair, doing a quick survey to complete the review I noticed that they changed the print, it is probably a new collection since mine I bought in early 2016. All beautiful.

Conclusion :

It is worth the investment for the product’s long life. It is practical and lightweight and serves as a crib for the baby‘s first months

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