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How to choose a baby monitor?

How to choose a baby monitor

The child fell asleep, and now the mother can do housework or have time for herself. If you trust the supervision of baby monitors, then you can be calm and confident that even because of home noise and closed doors, she will hear when your baby wakes up. For this, you do not need to enter the room and listen constantly …
The baby monitor is a wireless communication device between baby and mother, consists of two parts – a receiver and a transmitter. A transmitter is a child unit installed next to the baby, he hears all sounds and transmits everything to the receiver – the unity of the mother’s parents. Qualitative infant monitors can even transmit to parents at a distance of ten feet while the baby sneezes, yawns or moans. And when you start waking up, Mom will be near the crib. In baby monitors, there are several types of observation.

Surveillance Modes

The most important mode is sound. If you can’t watch with sounds then you can screw it up or turn it off completely and keep monitoring through the light mode. If the nurse recorded some sounds, the torrent block will begin to glow with a special indicator. On some models, there is not one but several lamps and the louder the child sounds, the more lamps light up. If the parent unit can be hung in your hand or clothes, it is very convenient to apply vibration alert mode. Caring for parents, so as not to lose the baby’s awakening, may include two or even three modes at the same time.


There may be unidirectional and bidirectional communication between the child and parent blocks. With one-way communication, my mother just listens to music and can’t say anything to him. If you buy a baby monitor just to watch sleep crumbs, there will be enough of that. When two-way communication and the mother listen to a child, the baby listens to the mother. This option is useful for you and at a more mature age in the form of a home radio. If you decide to go overboard with two cars, the baby monitor may also be helpful in keeping you connected.
Each model provides a different maximum distance at which they can maintain communication. On average, these indicators are 100-150 meters. If you live in an apartment in the city then you will have enough of a model that operates within 30-50 meters, and if you go to the country, it is better to buy a distant visionary who operates at a distance of 300-400. meters. It should be noted that these indicators refer to open space, but in the apartment, the indicators are significantly reduced. If the mother is out of range of the baby monitor, the corresponding signal will be output from the parent unit.


Baby monitors are divided into digital and analog. The most important difference is the quality of communication and price. The analog signal works best in open spaces, so it is much more exposed to various interference. Digital communication is better and safer. In such a baby monitor there are many settings, there is no noise and there is pure quality sound. If you are going to buy two-sided, give preference to the digital version so that your voice sounds to the baby with minimal distortion.

Energy sources

There are several power sources in baby monitors. It will be better for you if the device runs on both batteries, 220V mains, and accumulators. If your baby monitor only works on the network, go for mobility, because you’ll have to sit around the table all the time. If the babysitter only works with batteries, you must take into account the fact that they have the property of accelerating, in which case you will benefit from the energy-saving mode of the batteries. The baby monitor will automatically go when there is a long time of sounds not recorded on the infant block. As soon as the baby begins to make sounds, the nurse will start working again in normal mode and will transmit sounds to the mother.

The blocks have indicators that show how much power is left and if the device is connected to the network.

Additional Functions

On many models, baby monitors also have some additional functions. The infant block may play the role of a children’s night lamp, which turns on when the baby starts crying and leaves after a few minutes while the child falls asleep. It’s a good outfit with this Chicco function.
Some models have a night projector, in which a variety of ceiling images are projected onto the ceiling of light. Then, lying in a crib, the child will observe the starry sky or different funny figures that will change. These models can be found in Philips models.
There are devices with a music box function. At the same time, in the children’s block, there are soothing melodies or sounds of nature that entertain or soothe the crumbs. In each model, there is a single to ten musical fragments. Like a night light, music can turn on automatically when a cry occurs, the child quickly distracts his eyes and calms down. Some models provide control of the music box and motherboard night light so you can turn night light on and off, adjust the brightness of the light, change the music volume, and change the melody. Tefal provides baby monitors with musical functions.
The parent block may have a digital clock with a stopwatch timer and an alarm clock. So you can ask the right time and the nurse will always remember that it is time to feed the baby or give her medicine.
If your baby monitor has a built-in thermometer, it will always show your mother the baby’s temperature. If a crumb usually sleeps with an open balcony or window, this function becomes more useful. The Care brand produces a monitor with built-in thermometers.

Security and installation

Before you can start using your baby monitor, you need to set a specific frequency channel so that both units pick up the signal. To get a better sound, each radio monitor has at least two channels. To improve audibility, place the baby block close to the baby. The best distance between transmitter and baby is 1-1.5 meters. Do not put the baby monitor in a crib. Then the baby can get hurt or hurt the babysitter. To reassure you, it must be said that initially, baby monitors are absolutely harmless to babies. This is confirmed by certificates you can ask the seller. Radio waves that are used by radio and baby monitors do not affect people, animals and other equipment at all. But remember that the waveband can be used by other people,

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