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Jolly Jumper Jumping Chair Review – Best Exercise For Babies!

Jolly Jumper Jumping Chair – Lots of fun for your baby!


Jolly Jumper Stand for Baby Jumper

The Jolly Jumper Chair is a fun baby exercise equipment of the famous brand Jolly Jumper. The Jolly Jumper is a brand of Baby Jumper offers healthy exercise for babies from 3 months of age while entertaining and developing the child. The jumper ensures back support (does not harm the baby’s spine, and is therefore recommended by pediatricians and physiotherapists in many countries, including the USA). Therefore, it can offer comfort and has been scientifically designed to ensure the complete safety of the baby. Its seat is designed to fit the baby like a second skin. As if it were a diaper, providing total freedom of movement of the arms, legs, head, and shoulders.

This baby exercise jumper even enables easy, natural breathing, helping to develop your child’s strength, balance and motor coordination. All this safely and comfortably.

The Jolly Jumper is easy to use and easy to carry. Similarly, The Jolly Jumper is easy to install and quick to reinstall. Therefore, you can relocate it at any time.

Why Choose The Jolly Jumper?

  • Produced and sold for over 60 years in Canada.
  • Resistant and scientifically designed.
  • Allows the baby freedom of movement.
  • Allows the baby to exercise healthily.
  • Promotes the development of strength, balance, and coordination.
  • An adjustable strap according to baby size.
  • Promotes easy and natural breathing.
  • Easy installation and mobility.

Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Door Clamp Black

How to use Jolly Jumper?

You should mounting following the instructions for use. You can use this Baby Jumper with secure through its clip-on studs. These studs are over 1.25 cm thick. In addition, walls should be between 7.5cm and 15cm.

If the mother or guardian wants to change places, simply release the clip and install the appliance in another door.


What is Jolly Jumper?

The Jolly Jumper is exercise equipment and not just a toy. You should supervise your Babies continually while using the jumper appliance. It is suitable for children weighing up to 13 kg and from 3 months of age. You can use a baby jumper if your baby can keep his head erect with the force of his neck.

About Manufacturer

Jolly Jumper is a Canadian company that manufactures the highest quality baby products and accessories. The accessories are including exercisers, crib bedding, nursery furniture, bath accessories, breastfeeding pads, stroller accessories, baby car seat, and other items for babies and young children.

This original Baby Jumper exercise equipment was invented in 1910 and manufactured for retail marketing in 1948. Today, Jolly Jumper has a wide range of products including over 200 different items.

The Manufacturer company has the mission is to help parents take care of their babies practically and enjoyably in a safe environment.

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