Wednesday, April 22

Sandbox for kids 2020

A child likes to play, and if it’s time to learn everything turns into a fun, fun and interesting game, everything becomes easier and more productive.

Today most kids have access to games, tablets, cell phones and many other resources that teach and teach naturally, and that’s cool. It makes life easier for teachers responsible for teaching but creates a problem: the difficulty of writing using a pencil or pen.

This phenomenon is mainly due to lack of practice and many parents and teachers even report the difficulty in learning because of this, but there is a way to help your preschooler and still have a great time, enjoying moments together.

The sandbox is a super interesting tool for this. You’re gonna need it:

– A low box (can be a shirt box, for example);

– Sand (or rice, or salt) to make a medium thickness layer inside the box;

– Letter templates, numbers, drawings that you can print using the computer;

– Photographic camera;

To play you can interleave who will draw, drawing the mold and reproducing in the sand using only your fingers.

At first, you can see the pattern, always repeating to the alphabet which letter or number is that (e), as the child evolves in learning you can draw what will be drawn without allowing the other to see, this will make The child naturally associates the letters and numbers with his spelling.

The dispute over who makes the best reproduction can yield good photos with the artwork and the author. You can also encourage the child by choosing some pictures to put on the picture frames of the house or the internet or by creating competition and score and evolution.

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