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Top 5 Baby Blanket in 2019

During the first months of life, babies spend most of their time lying down. This is why the baby blanket is so necessary. These children’s articles ensure that children stay warm and comfortable, whether in the crib or stroller. Choosing the best baby option can be a challenge for first-time dads.

That’s why we have prepared this Guide on Baby Blankets. Throughout this article, we offer tips for selecting the most appropriate model. In the market, the options are numerous in terms of materials, size or design. So let’s give you some guidelines so you can make the best buying decision.

The blanket is a decisive factor in the quality of sleep and the rest of the baby. For this reason, your choice should be very well thought out.

Ensuring the superior quality of the materials used to make the baby blanket is critical. Always select natural fabrics that do not irritate or discomfort the baby’s skin.

These items should be chosen based on temperature and/or season. Summer and winter blankets, as you might imagine, are made of different materials.

Ranking: Best Baby Blankets on the Market

Providing maximum comfort to your baby while he is sleeping or lying in his crib is essential. Baby blankets provide a cozy environment to ensure optimal rest. Below you will find a selection of some of the best baby quilts. Evaluate the pros and cons of each model

1. Large Personalized Baby Blanket (Pink) - 36x36 Inch, Satin Trim, Fleece

Although this is the pastel pink model, it can also be found in blue. This blanket is very soft as it is made with fleece and satin fabrics. A Personalized Baby Blanket can be the Most Creative Gifts for New Baby to Celebrate the Newborn. You can personalize whatever you want, create a baby blanket with baby’s name in a luxury classic style.

Besides being very comfortable, it has a modern and delicate theme while being very beautiful. This baby blanket is 36 inches long by 36 inches wide and lasts a long time as your baby grows up. Ideal for cold days, it is a high-quality product. Besides, it has good value for money.

2. Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Security Blanket, Gray Elephant, One Size

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Security Blanket, Gray Elephant, One Size

This grey elephant baby blanket is double-sided and suitable for cold weather. It is 100 cozy plus polyester fabric and weights 2.4 ounces. In addition to heating, provides extreme softness. It is a neutral, elegant and discreet theme.

Its dimensions are 14 inches long by 14 inches wide, making it ideal for the first months of life. Its great differential is that comes with other animals, the same material, but with different color and a little animal on the tip.

3. Spasilk Unisex Baby 4 Pack 100% Cotton Flannel Receiving Blanket

Spasilk Unisex Baby 4 Pack 100% Cotton Flannel Receiving Blanket

This is a baby blanket in a more traditional model. Pastel in color, the blankets have 4 pack in minimal style prints and embroidery on it. Also, each blanket still has embroidery or print according to different themes. This blanket is ideal for warmer days and doesn’t get too hot in the heat.

Made of 100% cotton plain fabric, the product guarantees quality and comfort. The blanket is square, with 30 inches on each side. It is a great choice with a very friendly price.

4. Hudson Baby Printed Mink with Sherpa Backing, Woodland Creatures

Hudson Baby Printed Mink with Sherpa Backing, Woodland Creatures

Printed in modern graphic patterns in earth tone color, this baby blanket also features a Soft Mink Blanket with Sherpa Backing that adds cuteness and delicacy to the elegance of the fabric. The blanket is made of 100% polyester, very soft fabric that will provide comfort to your baby, besides keeping him warm.

Although the product is recommended for use from 0 to 2 years old, it may not be possible to use it as a blanket or blanket all this time because of its size, 40 inches long by 30 inches wide. Already the price has a great cost-benefit, being a safe choice.

5. WONDER MIRACLE Throw Blanket of Plush Fuzzy Fleece Lightweight Soft Warm Cozy Coral Multipurpose for Couch and Sofa,Picnic,Beach,AC Room,Travel, Outdoor, Decorative (50"x70", Baby Pink)

Throw Blanket of Plush Fuzzy Fleece Lightweight Soft Warm Cozy Coral Multipurpose for Couch and Sofa,Picnic,Beach,AC Room,Travel, Outdoor, Decorative

This baby blanket is designed to warm your baby while keeping you comfortable. Soft Warm Cozy Blanket is made of microfleece knit that feels good against the baby skin and suitable for spring, autumn, and winter. It is a high-quality product that can be found for great value as well as being durable. The dimensions are 70 inches long by 50 cm inches wide, slightly bigger than normal but still in good size.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know Before Buying a Baby Blanket?

The blanket universe can confuse dads with so many options and designs. These are essential items for newborns, especially during the colder months of the year. If you need details on baby blanket options, just check out this Shopping Guide.

Is the baby blanket practical?

The baby blanket, like those designed for adults, contributes to optimal rest and sleep time. These are children’s items responsible for providing maximum comfort while the baby rests in his crib or stroller. You may already know the “one layer more than adults” rule.

Babies may cry for many reasons: hunger, sleep, pain or discomfort, for example. The latter may sometimes be related to feeling cold. Hence the need for the baby to always have the degree of comfort he needs. Children’s blankets are a great ally for dads and moms.

When can babies need a blanket?

At first glance, it seems that the baby blanket is useful only in the colder months. However, these articles are very practical in many situations. For example, to wrap the baby after childbirth, leaving the hospital or move it from one place to another where the temperature is lower.

The quilts are not only suitable to cover your child while he sleeps in the crib, but also while traveling by car. These are products to always carry in the baby’s bag because you never know when we might need them. They are ideal for lining the floor and letting the child explore the house a little as he gets older.

The method of wrapping the baby around protects the newborn, soothes it when it is agitated, prevents it from being frightened by its reflexes, and keeps it warm until its internal thermometer starts working.

Are there any baby blanket regulations?

It should be ensured that baby blankets are expressly manufactured and designed for newborns. This means they are not replaceable with any adult blankets. One of the main reasons is the quality of the materials as they may not be suitable for babies. Some may even be toxic to them.

Keep in mind that what you want is a specialized product for babies. Some models have the INMETRO certificate, which indicates that the article is within Brazilian quality standards.

What are the most recommended materials?

At this point, we already know which materials should suitable for babies. This means they are antiallergic and free of harmful chemicals. That said, the next step is to evaluate the season of the year when you will use the blanket.

The materials of winter blankets are different from those of summer.

For example, in colder months, you should choose natural fibers that offer more heat, such as wool or cotton. Coralline can also be an excellent option. In spring or summer, 100% cotton is the preferred material.

Crochet has very beautiful and elegant features. It will always be a wise decision.

Can baby blankets be machine washed?

Generally, the baby blanket can be washed in a washing machine without any problems. The wash temperature will depend on the type of material. Some materials can withstand only about 30 degrees since, if they exceed this temperature, they can spoil. Other blankets, made of better materials, resist up to 90 degrees.

In any case, the hygiene of these products is more than guaranteed. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to the manufacturer’s label and instructions for the best possible maintenance. It is very important that the baby is in a hygienic atmosphere, so always bet on materials suitable for the washing machine.

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