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Twin Baby: 5 Special Care After Birth

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Imagine you, as a first-time mom, get the news that you will have twin baby! Although the joy is double, the worry and fear of not being able to cope with two newborns are also doubled. Not to mention the anguish of thinking you won’t know how to tell them apart.

However, there is no need for anxiety, because with your partner’s companionship, love, affection and a lot of planning you can face this moment very calmly.

This will require an organization so that the arrival of babies is only happiness, not disturbed.

Here are some valuable tips for getting through this challenge to the best of your ability. Check it out!

baby appliance preparing planning calendar checklist

In this post, we’ll talk about the care you should take with twin babies after birth. However, before you get into that, you need to highlight one very important aspect that will make your life much easier: the layette.

One tip is to try to prepare everything by the 32nd week, as twins are usually born earlier than expected.

As there will be two little love packages, most items need to be double, but not all. Some items where you don’t need to buy more than one are:

  • hairbrush or comb
  • thermometer
  • changer (you will not change both diapers at the same time)
  • wardrobe and chest of drawers (just invest in a single model that is slightly larger)
  • baby monitor
  • album
  • diaper holder

However, there is no escape from some items that should be used by both babies and therefore need to be bought in pairs or larger quantities.

The first of these is the comfort baby, which by law must be used from the moment newborns leave the hospital.

Then you have to pay attention to the baby stroller, which can be both in twin models, suitable for twins. The bag should also be individual, just like the kangaroo.

2. Differentiate the twin children

Certainly, the fear of not knowing how to differentiate twins is among the main fears of moms. Some say that mothers can distinguish little ones simply by smell, weight or even the type of crying.

Affirmations such as these may end up worrying, even more, those who cannot quickly identify such particularities.

So it must be stressed that it is not wrong to confuse twin baby, because postpartum tiredness, troubled routine and identical children can leave doubts in anyone.

Differentiate your children by being made by different clothes, or small accessories, such as clothes, pacifier color or even bracelets with identification.

Another tip is always to have a to-do list for each baby. Thus, you do not run the risk of breastfeeding the same child twice, while the other is without food.

This does not have to be done for long, as they grow up, twin baby begins to show clear differences, including in personality.

3. Make a daily schedule

The key to smooth baby arrival is organization and planning. These two words can avoid many misconceptions and mishaps such as confusing medication or breastfeeding hours.

As said, it is good practice to make a list, that is, a daily schedule with everything related to twins. Your checklist will act as a calendar to manage their lives.

Over time, everything usually gets simpler and easier, but in the first months, it is good to be careful not to get confused.

To help with this task, you can count on apps for your phone and your partner, or reminders placed in the fridge or in easy-to-view places. Also, be sure to note about your doctor’s appointments and organize each one’s schedule of vaccinations.

4. Watch out for breastfeeding

twin baby breast feeding

Breastfeeding is a sensitive subject, as the beliefs of the oldest and the culture we have sometimes make women believe that this is a process that every mother should be able to do.

This ends up causing major frustrations in some moms, especially first-time moms. After all, not all women can breastfeed at first, or produce enough milk. One must demystify such archaic thoughts.

Nowadays, mothers can count on milk banks, nipples that are placed to help suck those babies who can’t make the sucking move, and so on.

What we mean by this is that you should try to relax while breastfeeding and put your worries aside, as your tension can interfere with the feeding of little ones.

To breastfeed twin children, it is important that you find the way that feels most comfortable and that you realize is enough for both of you because what works with each other will not always work for you.

For example, there are mothers who prefer to breastfeed twice, ie one baby at a time, while others prefer to do both at the same time.

There are also children who adapt better to a breast, while others have no preference. So practice observation and see what best fits your routine.

Also, be aware that under no circumstances should you interrupt breastfeeding in an attempt to “save milk” for fear of not being enough for both of you.

The production of your milk is influenced by sucking the little ones, so the more they suckle, the more you will produce.

5. Always accept help

Dealing with a baby is no easy task, but caring for twin children is an even bigger challenge. Therefore, it is important that both you and your parents are not afraid to accept or ask for help, especially from close relatives such as the grandparents of the little ones.

Do not feel bad about needing support, as no mother can embrace the world alone, and this will only bring physical and emotional exhaustion.

So if you need help, ask for a shower, going to a doctor, or even homework. So that you have enough energy and health to take care of both, it is essential that you rest and have a healthy diet.

To have twin children is to receive double learning. It is giving and receiving love in pairs and seeing two little pieces of yours grow up healthy and happy.

As tired as it may be, it will surely be a very special time for your new family. For this, do not forget the medical monitoring and rest!

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